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5mm, 0,01mm
Promo price: 209,00*
Цена продажи: 305,00*
5mm, 0,01mm
This is a back-plunger model that is highly resilient and robust.
The ABSOLUTE Digimatic Indicator ID-B offers you the
following features:
  • It is a back plunger type, with the display viewed from above.
  • Its slim body design is ideal for multi-point measurements.
  • The ABSOLUTE sensor means you don‘t have to carry out origin setting every time you power it on, saving you time and hassle.
  • It has excellent resistance against water and dust (IP66 protection level) allowing you to use it in machining situations that include splashing coolant fluid.
  • Switchable display orientation gives you more mounting options.
  • You can perform GO/±NG judgement.
Promo price: 209,00*
Цена продажи: 305,00*